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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

El Diablo's stock turbo, 130,000+ mi beast tamed on E85 with a Scott Davis Protune!

El Diablo's stock turbo, 130,000+ mi beast tamed on E85 with a Scott Davis Protune!

El Diablo's 2003 Lancer Evolution is one of North Georgia's baddest street machines. With a carefully selected group of modifications, Kevin's goal was to maximize the performance of his Evo while keeping the factory turbocharger in the mix of things for now. Amazingly, running trouble-free Kevin's 130,000 mile old 4g63 engine was running flawlessly, despite the high mileage.

In his latest set of modifications, Kevin opted for some unique products to enhance the performance of his Lancer. already set up with a ported throttle body and stock intake manifold, Kevin wanted to upgrade his camshafts to TOMEI 260 duration bump sticks with a lift of 11.5 mm. To complement the new camshafts Kevin opted to install matching TOMEI adjustable cam gears along with his HKS kevlar purple timing belt.

Along with these new modifications was also an upgrade in the engine programming department courtesy of Scott Davis from TTP-Engineering of Orlando, Florida. The advanced engine management programming plan was to implement speed density tuning, tephra mods V7 big maps with alternate switchable fuel maps for both 93 octane, as well as E85 ethanol. Scott also recommended ECU controlled boost management along with the safeguards he has implemented into the mapping.

Aesthetically, Kevin had some unique modifications such as lensless taillights and omission of the rear spoiler. In the place of the spoiler mounting holes in the trunk, lie black steel spikes giving his car is much attitude as its owner. Unfortunately, curiosity killed the cat and in determining whether the spikes were for real or not I quickly learned that yes they were real, and yes they were very sharp. LOL

Rounding out the rear of the car is a UK Evolution trunk badge and unique Evo nine JDM rear bumper cover in a single color rally red. Typically, these bumpers are painted two colors but in Kevin's case he wanted to be unique.

Onto the meat and potatoes, cabins. Lancer evolution with the TOMEI camshafts and Evo nine turbo with speed density tuning by Scott Davis ended up with a respectable 338 hp with 355 wheel torque at a safe boost level of 24 PSI. Once the pump gas tuning was completed, we moved on to the fun stuff. E85 ethanol was used to fill the tank after a short draining session of the remainder of the 93 octane from the tank. With the new alcohol-based , and domestically produced fuel running through the 1000cc injectors, scott Davis was able to bring the engine alive with the help of the new octane boost and more performance oriented ECU programming. The end result was an impressive 404 wheel horsepower with 395 foot-pounds of torque to the wheels.

We are not sure what the future holds for El Diablo, however we think a larger turbocharger is probably in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned…

Monday, February 27, 2012

SOCOM's Lady Blue gets speed density tuned by Scott Davis on 1100cc HighZ injectors!

SOCOM's Lady Blue gets speed density tuned by Scott Davis on 1100 high z injectors!

SOCOM's Lady Blue is no stranger to TTP engineering in Orlando Florida. Marshon is always looking to improve his 2003 Lancer evolution. As you can clearly see from the pictures in this thread, he spares no expense on his lady blue. With his last round of modifications concentrating on the aesthetic aspects of his vehicle, he did not forget to allocate some time and energy to the performance and driveability of his Evo. This is where he gave us a call to see what he can to do to make the best of what he has.

By taking just one look into the engine bay, one can see his attention to detail. Equipped with a performance cylinder head, mated to an AFI 1.25 inch runner exhaust manifold is an HKS 7460R ball bearing turbocharger which compresses the turbo boost while exhaust gases pass out of the turbine into a tubular 02 housing before exiting out of a mandrel bent 3 inch exhaust system. The intake manifold is mildly ported while twin walbros flow fuel through recently installed fuel injector clinic brand 1100cc fuel injectors of the high impedance variety. Cooling the boost is a 3.5" bar and plate front mount intercooler.

Out back, Marshon has taken the time to concentrate on some areas of the Lancer Evolution with a JDM Evo nine rear bumper to complement the JDM taillights and APR carbon fiber time attack rear wing. The carbon fiber rear wing works in conjunction with APR front bumper canards as well as an APR carbon fiber front air splitter to keep the Lancer firmly planted on the pavement at high speeds.

With the newly installed 1100cc injectors, the high impedance resistor bypass plug installed, the next part required in this round of mo wiredifications was a four bar omnipower manifold absolute pressure sensor installed in the intake manifold. caps because we were removing the .MAF sensor from the car, we would need to also replace the intake air temperature sensor with an aftermarket unit installed into the upper intercooler pipe. This was done with a GM air intake temperature sensor wired into the formerly used MAF plug. This would feed the new AIT signal to the factory ECU.

With the foundation of parts installed and out-of-the-way, this just left the retuning of the factory ECU. Master tuner Scott Davis grabbed the reins and began to re-tweak and program the factory ECU to understand the new mapping algorithm as well as setting up the MUT protocol to send out critical data monitoring parameters to record and playback after the dyno tuning runs.

With the pump gas and E85 dual maps tuned on speed density, the final output on the little turbo that could (HKS 7460R 51lbs/min) was 387whp/345tq on 93 octane while the E85 fueling came in at 459whp/397tq making for a lightning quick spooling automobile worthy of the Nurburgring. Did I mention its already driven the Nurburgring while stationed in Germany!?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jonathan's 2.0L, 100k mile, FPblack monster on 93, tuned by Scott@TTP!

Jonathan who was unhappy with his current state of tuning elsewhere knew he had a great set of parts put together and there was no excuse for why he had to settle for less than the best with his state of tune. Armed with a high mileage 2003 Lancer Evolution, Jonathan knew that if the car was tuned well, then it would last. That is why he chose TTP Engineering in Orlando, Florida to cure all of his issues suffered by poor tuning elsewhere.

Carefully chosen were his Forced Performance black turbocharger JB, 1450 cc injectors, custom intake with no MAF, custom 3 1/4 inch intake and filter, custom intercooler piping with Tial vent to atmosphere blow off valve, Kelford cams, Omni power 4 bar map sensor, tubular 02 housing, and full 3 inch exhaust.

Added to the mix was of course professional ECU tuning by Scott Davis which included cutting edge features such as Tephramods V7, speed density tuning, ECU controlled and gear dependent boost contro as well as safety features such as knocksum boost cut and active boost targeting. Coming in unhappy, Jonathan sure changed his tune once the dyno tuning began. We worked diligently to fix anything that ailed his car as he came in, tuning for both power and torque while keeping reliability of this high mileage motor at the forefront of our minds. needless to say our friend Jonathan was very happy with his results as with the same modifications we were able to extract over 45 hp over the prior tuner while maintaining reliability and conservative air fuel ratios.

The final numbers on 93 octane work 430 wheel horsepower with 385 torque to the wheels.

This project ended up being a win for everyone. We are unsure what lies in the future for this yellow beast but we will be available should he need to call upon our services again. To be continued...