Mitchell was one of our record setting

FP Red
clients with proven track record of 130+ mph trapspeeds in his 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR 5sp. With just 16k on the odometer of hard racing miles, he has one hell of a beast. His journey with the FPRed left him off at 488whp on the TTP Engineering Mustang Dyno uncorrected, leaving him with a best E.T. of 11 seconds flat at 130mph+.

Mitchell has enjoyed his ethanol powered beast for the last year or two at high boost levels powered by the FP Red. His fuel had been supplied courtesy of Fullblown in tank twin walbro 255lph hp fuel pumps, TTP Ethamax 1650cc injectors, on HKS 280 280 camshafts. His head is mildly ported with 1mm oversize SBI valves. Clamping the engine tightly are a oem multi layer headgasket prepped by TTP with standard ARP headstuds. Intake air flows through an INJEN intake and intercooler pipes system made from extruded lightweight polished aluminum. Exhaust system is comprised of TTP's tubular O2 housing and 3" mandrel bent turbo-back exhaust system. The ignition system is stock with NGK plugs selected by TTP. Transferring the power to the transmission is an off the shelf ACT HDSS street disc clutch from TTP Engineering.

The car has performed flawlessly ever since it was built by TTP, however... In a recent race in town a sudden loss of boost from the car indicated that the FP Red journal bearing turbo had had enough of a beating and had given up its ghost. With journal bearing turbos inherently less reliable than ball bearing turbos, this is a common trend in highly boosted journal bearing turbos. To fail over time as the journal bearing wears out. This was no exception to physics, or the rules. Mitchell proceeded to mail back the FPRed to get checked out and to his disappointment the turbo was not repairable. His options were to wait a few weeks for a new FPRed to be built or to take an in stock option of the FPBlack, its slightly larger cousin.

The choice was made to upgrade to the FPBlack and with the turbo change, the Lancer Evolution would certainly have to be re-tuned for the different airflow characteristics of the larger compressor wheel. Contacting our office to schedule a re-tune was Mitchell's next move, however when we spoke about the re-tune, we also recommended stepping it up to speed density and upgraded ECU controlled boost to reduce the peaks and valleys of using a manual boost controller. With custom ECU programming from

Scott at TTP
, additional safeguards were added such as boost drop in case of knock sensor activity as well as boost error correction on psi based boost control for exacting control. With the new turbo and speed density tune on electronic boost control at a lower boost than used on the prior FP Red tune, Scott Davis was able to achieve Mitchell's personal goals of 536whp/466tq which should be enough to propel him into his goals of a 10 second quarter mile pass on the stock motor.

Only the customer can tell us what his goals are after he meets his current objective but we believe that he will outgrow the power levels in little time and be ready to step it up to a T3 series turbo over the next year. Stay Tuned!