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Monday, October 24, 2011

Smurfzilla's 2.4L, Twin Scroll 6265BB air cooled on E85 and tuning by Scott at TTP!

Smurfzilla's car went down last year due to some poor decisions on his part with the car. He has made it clear that he doesn't want to relive such havoc. Hurell had paid for an internet tune for reliability and power, but evidently they misunderstood him and thought he wanted some windows installed into the side of his engine block instead. Unfortunately or fortunately for him, this caused the need for this big build in the first place.

Whether a mechanical issue in overaggressive tune, a car going lean or merely a vacuum hose popping loose off the fuel pressure regulator. How internet tuners can expect the customer to bear the responsibility of keeping tabs on all of these things is quite ridiculous. This provides the be even more important when it comes to high horsepower vehicles. There is never a replacement for an on site Pro Tuner at the live controls that can see, hear, smell, touch and feel what is going on with the engine on tuning day with the cat-like reflexes to let out of it if something goes arye.

With the old engine reduced to an unusable core., Hurell was ready to step it up to something bigger and better than he had before. From the outside it would seem as if he spared no expense in building his new road rocket. His build was very well thought out and planned. Staying on top of technology and what's hot at the moment, Hurell chose to build a long rod 2.4 L high compression engine for use with ethanol. He chose carefully in his modifications to only use quality products from some manufacturers such as Mahle, Clevite, Cometic, GSC, fuel injector clinic, AEM, Turbosmart, Precision Turbo and the self admitted best decision yet, tuning by Scott Davis of TTP Engineering LLC.

Anyone that's been in this business of automotive performance knows a car or engine is the sum of its parts. Crap parts in crap results out, quality parts in quality results are usually to follow. Sometimes quality parts can be installed but not always 100% correctly setup. In Hurell's case there were some adjustments that had to be made before the car could be tuned effectively. Some Fidanza adjustable gear settings needed to be set properly. Using the 4G63 timing belt on the 4G64 engine will always have the timing marks one half tooth off which requires an adjustable gear on the exhaust however on the intake using a MIVEC gear (Evo IX), this cam is not externally adjustable and either requires the gear to be advanced or retarded one half tooth to compensate for the 4G64 block's taller deck height. These adjustments were made as well as some of the other issues handled before it came time to tune the vehicle as not to waste precious dyno time.

Hurell was kind enough to throw a parts list together for his build here so that others could get an idea of what went into putting it together:

2.4 Block
OEM BSE (stubby shaft)
MAPerformance Mivec oil return
Gates T167RB1 timing belt
Gates accessory belt
Fidanza Cam gear

FIC 2150's
AEM fuel rail
BlaqOps Double pumper
Upgraded fuel line and all fittings to AN
Spoolin up COP
OEM NGK iridiums

Precision Turbo 6265 1.00 A/R
JDL Twinscroll Tubular Manifold
Turbosmart Comp40 Wastgates
JDL Wastegate Dumptubes
JDL 3 inch Downpipe
JDL Intercooler (3.8 Garrett Core)
Turbosmart Raceport BOV
Tomei Ti Expreme
Tomei Ti Test pipe (because I can, lol)
Autozone Race filter (Spectre), just got my Vibrant so I will be swapping that out this weekend. Just needed something for DD purposes

Stock ECU
Tephramod V7 Bigmaps
Speed Density
Map Switching
ECU Controlled Boost
Scott from TTP Engineering

Cooling/Air Conditioning Solution:
CBRD Half Cut Radiator/Fan
Mishimoto Cooler Thermostat
Evo Compressor
Civic Condenser

On the day of the Dyno tune session we advised Hurell that ECU controlled boost instead of his AEM tru boost, would be the best for the performance and control of the boost curves and taper while providing extra safeguards such as boost drop in case of engine knock or detonation. Hurell agreed so we enabled ECU controlled boost as he already had the three port boost solenoid from his old setup.

On our last street session with the car we got it up to about 24 psi before the ignition would misfire. It was getting late that night so we instructed Hurell to change his plugs heat range from Denso IH22 to the stock ILFR7H iridiums as they are a good plug for the car and his cylinders will already be cool from the lower thermostat and use of ethanol fuels cooling properties. Any further colder and he was just asking for misfires as the heat range lacked the proper characteristics to ignite the fuel properly. While ordering new plugs he had noticed that some of the old plugs also were cracked which contributed to the misfires. Once he installed the new plugs he was able to achieve the boost level we left him at on our last street tuning session without having any misfires. Personally we thought he would have been in the 500hp range, however he swore up-and-down that his car was faster then a 600 hp car. We were about to find out with a baseline pull on the Dyno a few moments later that he was right.

As it turns out with an 18 psi start value creeping to 24 psi at 7000, he was right on the money as the car layed down and impressive 631 hp right out-of-the-box on our wastegate pressure street tune which even surprised us here at TTP. At this point our objective was to work on the boost curve with the initial start PSI and ending PSI, flat-lining from spool up to the end of the pull. After a few Dyno pulls, the boost curve and spool up characteristics were looking great and we were able to turn the duty cycle up across the board. We made some small increments a little bit at a time until we achieved 32 to 33 PSI of boost pressure on the twin scroll precision 6265 turbocharger. With the fuel maps maxed out and injector duty cycle at 100% we were out of fuel at an impressive 760 wheel horsepower. We tried what we could to get some more fuel out of the car by reducing the injector size that the engine control unit would see but there just wasn't any left to spare from the twin pump system as it was 100% maxed. Despite our attempts at 34 to 35 PSI of boost we did have to abort the run at 7000 RPMs. At this stop rpm, the car was making 778 hp with 578 tq on its way to 800+.

We turned the boost duty cycles down a bit and called it a day. Our next plan is to work with the fuel system to find our missing fuel supply and/or replace the parts necessary to improve our fuel volume. Once this is done Hurell's next plans are to revisit the dyno and shoot for 800+ wheel horsepower.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cuco's smaller FPRed turbocharger beats FP Black numbers with tuning by Scott at TTP!

Cuco has entrusted in TTP Engineering's knowledge and experience over the past few years to apply their mechanical and tuning ability to the benefit of his 2003 Lancer Evolution GSR. in the past Cuco was always a fan of leaded race fuel however over the course of the last year has finally decided to make the switch over to e85 ethanol fuel for its octane benefits, cooling properties and of course there's always the benefit of fuel pricing at the $2.45/gal mark. Unfortunately for Cuco living in the Tampa Florida region this leaves ethanol stations few and far between. But for the diehard racer they will travel any reasonable distance to get the good stuff.

Cuco has had quite the experience over the past two years from the stock turbo to the FP Red to the FP Black then back to the FP Red again where he's finally settled back down on what turbo works the best for his driving style and goals. With his torque peak on demand as low as 3500 rpms and the whp to deliver high rpm performance Cuco found the FP Red to be just what the doctor ordered in his fiending for maximum street performance.

Employing the Forced Performance Red turbocharger as well as a reworked head ported with aftermarket valves and ported intake manifold this Evo VIII came ready to bring it on Dyno day. Equipped with tuning by Pro Tuner Scott Davis's ECU controlled boost, speed density, TEPHRA mods, big maps, launch control, dual map switching, and TTP's own twin serial fuel pump system, Scott had his work cut out for him. Nevertheless when it came down to meeting the customers needs and goals Scott put forth his best effort and the results were an amazing 546 wheel horsepower with 468 torque which exceeded the power and tq numbers from many of the larger FP black turbochargers we have seen.

Needless to say if the customer was very happy with the results and is now back to laying down the smack on the streets of Tampa Bay Florida.

We don't yet know what Cuco's next steps will be with the car but if we know anything about him we know that he will go big or go home.

SurferJeff tests a ETS journal bearing 5857 on stock block E85 tuned by Scott at TTP!

Sadly Jeff suffers from a disease many of our best clients share with him. The disease is called not enough. This disease has been plaguing racers ever since engines were invented. It fuels the fire within any racer to move forward and keep improving. Ever since we've known Jeff he is always been driven to improve both the performance of his vehicle as well as his driving skills.

It seemed like just yesterday that we were tuning Jeff's Forced Performance Black Turbo. Frankly it almost was ha ha. Although Jeff was happy with the results of the performance of his FP black and the tuning by pro ECU tuner Scott Davis, the combination of parts and turbo was just not enough to satisfy his thirst for high performance.

In Jeff's mind he has a goal. His goal is to reach 10 second quarter mile elapsed time. With this goal in mind Jeff needs enough horsepower to propel him to this trap speeds he needs to accomplish his goal while making up for the deficiency in his inexpensive single disc ACT street disc clutch system as well as less than professional race car driver skills lol.

You can have all the power of the world but if you can't get it to the ground with the right parts and driving skills and you're really going to have an uphill battle. With that said our goal was to create enough horsepower to overcome Jeff's cheap clutch choice and less-than-perfect driving skills to still accomplish his elapsed time goals with a little room to spare.

At the last minute a deal fell into his lap that he could not pass up. A friend of his wanted to trade him straight up ETS 5857 journal bearing turbo kit for his FP black bolt on Turbo. Trying to curb his excitement he traded turbos and off to the Dynojet we went. With some more testing and tuning completed by Pro ECU tuner Scott Davis his power goals were easily met and Peaked at 572 wheel horsepower with 474tq on the little stock motor that could.

Jeff's future plans are to take the car back to Orlando speed world and try to accomplish his elapsed time goals as soon as the air dries out and temps drop below the 80 to 90° weather we've been experiencing this freezing tropical winter land we call Florida.

Eli's Lancer Evolution VIII goes from ricer to racer with Scott at TTP Engineering!

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Eli bought his pre-modified Lancer Evolution minutes outside of AMS Performance in Chicago, IL. Somehow even being so close to a reputable automotive performance shop, his pride and joy was unable to meet his performance objectives. When Eli gave us a call at our Orlando, FL facility, he stated that his Evo was in need of some TLC, mainly in the ECU reflash programming department.

Some of Eli's complaints were the stalling of his engine at traffic lights and stop signs, his poor gas mileage of 16-17mpg, and his overall performance was lacking in the seat of the pants department. With a brief question and answer session with Eli we determined that we could definitely help him out in many aspects of the vehicles performance deficiencies.

Upon meeting Eli it was determined that his vent to atmosphere Tial blowoff valve was causing him a lot of problems on a maf equipped car. Coupled with a poor idle and poorly tuned vehicle it wasn't long before Scott Davis began to work his magic on the ECU. A few Dyno pulls into the tuning session with the idle adjusted in the reprogramming of the engine control unit complete the vehicle gained incredible 56 horsepower to the wheels as well as some massive torque. Needless to say Eli became a customer for life and enjoyed his new found miles per gallon efficiency. He also reaped the benefits of the high performance, better driving car with much more power at his disposal.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mitchell's Speed Density tuned FPBlack on E85 Ethanol built & tuned by Scott at TTP!

Mitchell was one of our record setting

FP Red
clients with proven track record of 130+ mph trapspeeds in his 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR 5sp. With just 16k on the odometer of hard racing miles, he has one hell of a beast. His journey with the FPRed left him off at 488whp on the TTP Engineering Mustang Dyno uncorrected, leaving him with a best E.T. of 11 seconds flat at 130mph+.

Mitchell has enjoyed his ethanol powered beast for the last year or two at high boost levels powered by the FP Red. His fuel had been supplied courtesy of Fullblown in tank twin walbro 255lph hp fuel pumps, TTP Ethamax 1650cc injectors, on HKS 280 280 camshafts. His head is mildly ported with 1mm oversize SBI valves. Clamping the engine tightly are a oem multi layer headgasket prepped by TTP with standard ARP headstuds. Intake air flows through an INJEN intake and intercooler pipes system made from extruded lightweight polished aluminum. Exhaust system is comprised of TTP's tubular O2 housing and 3" mandrel bent turbo-back exhaust system. The ignition system is stock with NGK plugs selected by TTP. Transferring the power to the transmission is an off the shelf ACT HDSS street disc clutch from TTP Engineering.

The car has performed flawlessly ever since it was built by TTP, however... In a recent race in town a sudden loss of boost from the car indicated that the FP Red journal bearing turbo had had enough of a beating and had given up its ghost. With journal bearing turbos inherently less reliable than ball bearing turbos, this is a common trend in highly boosted journal bearing turbos. To fail over time as the journal bearing wears out. This was no exception to physics, or the rules. Mitchell proceeded to mail back the FPRed to get checked out and to his disappointment the turbo was not repairable. His options were to wait a few weeks for a new FPRed to be built or to take an in stock option of the FPBlack, its slightly larger cousin.

The choice was made to upgrade to the FPBlack and with the turbo change, the Lancer Evolution would certainly have to be re-tuned for the different airflow characteristics of the larger compressor wheel. Contacting our office to schedule a re-tune was Mitchell's next move, however when we spoke about the re-tune, we also recommended stepping it up to speed density and upgraded ECU controlled boost to reduce the peaks and valleys of using a manual boost controller. With custom ECU programming from

Scott at TTP
, additional safeguards were added such as boost drop in case of knock sensor activity as well as boost error correction on psi based boost control for exacting control. With the new turbo and speed density tune on electronic boost control at a lower boost than used on the prior FP Red tune, Scott Davis was able to achieve Mitchell's personal goals of 536whp/466tq which should be enough to propel him into his goals of a 10 second quarter mile pass on the stock motor.

Only the customer can tell us what his goals are after he meets his current objective but we believe that he will outgrow the power levels in little time and be ready to step it up to a T3 series turbo over the next year. Stay Tuned!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mr. Clean's FP Red boasts an extra +100whp over 93 octane with Scott at TTP's Tuning!

Mr. Clean has been enjoying the driveability and reliability of his 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR SSL since a year or so ago when he last called on our services to help him get back on his feet again. He had an unfortunate series of events happen prior to working with us, costing him a lot of money in broken forged and fully built engine parts due to a less than competent tune elsewhere.

Fast forward to today. Mr. Clean still loves his tune from TTP Engineering even a year or so later, his MAF sensor equipped pumpgas 93 octane tune on stock block is still flawlessly cranking out 400+whp without a hiccup. Amazingly, knowing our customer well, we are very surprised he chose to wait so long before taking the Evo up another notch with another dose of horsepower and torque.

From the photo above, its easy to see how Mr. Clean gets his nickname. For
Pro ECU Tuner Scott Davis of TTP Engineering in Orlando, FL he is a great customer. Obsessive compulsive cleaner, check lister and base coverer .
For a Pro Tuner, this means that most certainly this kind of client will make sure that the car has good condition plugs, fresh engine oil, no oil leaks, all couplers will be tight, all vacuum hoses zip tied, dipstick secured, you know... Like a boyscout, always prepared. Makes a tuner able to focus on the task at hand and not chasing down mechanical issues the client has brought in and dumped on him.

This newest stage of modifications consisted of a FullBlown 340lph in tank fuel pump, TTP Ethamax 1250cc fuel injectors, 4bar OMNIPower manifold absolute pressure sensor and custom speed density tuning on pump gas 93 octane as well as E85 ethanol. The pre-existing modifications consisted of a FP Red turbo, AMS front mount intercooler, 2.75" alum upper intercooler pipe, ported intake manifold, Tial Q blow off valve, ported cylinder head, Kelford 272 camshafts, Supertech valve springs, custom intake, Tanabe exhaust system and modified Invidia O2 housing. To connect the power from the flywheel to the transmission, a ACT XT-G6 singledisc clutch was used.

With the new parts installed, speed density tuning began on the 1250cc injectors and high pressure fuel pump. With little 93 octane fuel left in the tank, Scott at TTP optimized an effective ECU map for the first map option, landing a conservative pumpgas tune in the low 400whp range which we knew it would do going into the process. With the tank running on fumes, we moved onto what we came here to do and filled up the tank on E85 ethanol alternative fuel.

Moving onto the secondary mapping for the car which Mr. Clean can now switch with a flip of his intercooler sprayer button, Scott Davis carefully recalibrated the injectors for the new fuel. E85 which contains less energy than gasoline, requires 25-30% more fuel volume than gasoline to power the engine. With the injectors and latency scaled, the ethanol mapping was further custom tailored to suit a 27-30psi peak boost range, which with careful ECU mapping was able to boost power and torque figures to 501whp/432tq on the little stock motor that could!!

The client has worked hard to pay off their prize possession and if his takes his time enjoying his new found power, we won't blame him. He has a selection of parts and tuning that "works" at the moment for him, however when he decides he is ready to step it up to the next level, rest be assured - we will be ready for him. Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scott at TTP tunes Dave's Twinscroll 3586R Evo X on E85, more than doubling the WHP!

Dave is a speed junky, period. His addition to high performance turbocharged Mitsubishis and drag racing can be seen in his enthusiasm any time you talk to him. He came from a fully customized Mazda before changing gears and picking up his 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution AWD. Since then Dave has been on a mission for high performance and cutting edge technology.

Dave had us map out his most recent build to suit his goals and budget. With his goals outlined we worked in conjunction with him to select performance parts to meet our goals. Starting with the ETS T3 TS manifold dumping to two Tial MVS wastegates, the boost was derived from a FP HTA86 turbocharger using a small T3 TS housing for fast

Fuel was fed from a walbro in tank pump to a inline pump for the additional flow and pressure our volume requirements would need. FIC 1100cc high impedence fuel injectors were employed with the duties of injecting fuel into the head. An ETS 4" intake, and upper pipes set on a stock MAF was used for driveability. Internally the stock bottom end was retained and we opted NOT to replace rod bolts as they could take the big ends of the rods out of shape with any additional pressure. 

The valvetrain was upgraded with Kelford Beehive springs kit while the camshafts were upgraded to the 214-B Kelford units for additional airflow in and out of the motor. The turbokit used a vband outlet downpipe of 3" diameter which fed a Megan Racing 3" polished dual exit exhaust system with Megan Racing Testpipe.

ECU programming was completed by Master tuner Scott Davis using the latest in Evo X ECU
technology as well as 3port boost control solenoid to precisely control boost to the dual Tial MVS external wastegates. Boost was cooled using an ETS 4" FMIC before entering the engine.

Last stop on the way to the dyno was a fresh tank of E85 ethanol which is not easy to find around these parts. With only two stations within 50 miles or so, this station has become popular amongst ethanol users in Central Florida. With the tank full and a few more
5gal containers loaded up, we were ready to attack the dyno.


With the Evo X loaded on the Dynojet 424X rollers and fuel, timing, MIVEC mapping, boost mapping all optimized, the stock motor 4b11 that could, put down a respectable 545whp/412tq while maxing out BOTH the MAF sensor at 5volts as well at tapping out the full range of the 3bar MAP sensor the Evo X's are equipped with from the factory.

With the limitations reached with some of the factory sensors, Dave's next steps are to use an overbore MAF housing to lower the MAF signal and create more range to work with. We will also be moving to either speed density or 4bar MAP sensor, extending the range within the mapping that the Evo can work with. The ZChip may also be re-implemented into the system to re-scale the entire MAP sensor range while retaining the use of the stock sensor. Whatever we decide, we plan to eclipse the 600whp mark on our next trip to the dyno. Stay Tuned!

Sean's 2006 Evo IX, Front Facing 6262 on E85 Ethanol tuned by Scott at TTP!

Sean is a hands on kind of guy and has learned from his experience along the way. This is not his first Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Its one of a handful he has bought, broken, fixed, broken again, fixed and sold, only to start the process over again with yet another Evo after the memories of the pain and suffering of all that work were forgotten. This time around he got a decent combination of parts put together to insure he would dominate the streets of central Florida.

Sean started with a 9.0:1 a forged CP piston set mated to Manley Turbo-Tuff I beam rods,
ACL bearings, balance shafts removed on a factory headgasket. Clamping the MIVEC head to the block was ARP headstuds. The head was outfitted with Supertech springs and retainers with Kelford 272 camshafts, which have been proven to 800hp+. The head received a 3 angle valve job and decking before it was all bolted together. Fueling was provided by a FullBlown Twin pump system with secondary walbro pump wired to a pressure switch so when demand was needed, the fuel volume would be there. The fuel flowed through 1650cc low impedence injectors into a Magnus sheetmetal intake.

From the front of the car, if you knew what you were looking for, you would notice the ETS 4" FMIC and Precision 6262 dual ball bearing turbocharger front facing out of where the a/c condenser used to be. Schedule 10 piping out of the head was used to build a heavy duty single scroll T3 manifold, courtesy of Full Race. The single 44mm Tial wastegate was in charge of regulating turbine exhaust pressure to the externally dumped wastegate tube while ECU controlled boost by master tuner Scott Davis was aided with the help of a GReddy Mac valve borrowed from the formerly used GReddy E01. A boost controller which was replaced in favor of factory ECU controlled boost.

With the tuning underway by Scott@TTP, the two liters of standard bore fury were unleashed with powerful boost levels on alternative ethanol fueling. With TephraMods V7 bigmaps, on 5bar map sensor speed density and ecu controlled boost with safeguards in place, Sean knew he was receiving the best ECU technology available at the time of his tuning session. The car was taken up to 90% of his injector capacity on E85 @ 36psi before it was clear that he needed to ventilate his crankcase pressure out of the valve cover. With the high boost and larger PTW clearances / ring gaps on a high boost race engine, its even more critical that crankcase gases have an adequate exit path from the valve cover. In stock form these gases are sucked out of the valve cover from the intake system, but in Sean's case, with a front facing turbo, there was no intake. So we left him with instructions to use -10 lines to a breather can to clear up the pressure under the pistons.

With peak boost settling to 36.5psi @ 7000rpms, Sean's IX made peak power at 7000rpms with just a little room to spare on the fuel injectors. With his twin disc Tilton clutch holding all the power and torque, the Evo IX was able to hold a ass planting 493ft-lbs of torque while the 4g63 ramped up to 655whp at 7000rpms with power still climbing until the crankcase pressure built up too high. Once Sean ventilates the valve cover properly and decides to step it up a little more on the boost, we are certain that he should be able to eclipse the 700whp mark. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jose's TTP 2.0L M.S. Racing Engine, FP Red turbo on 93 tuned by Scott at TTP

Jose's TTP 2.0L M.S. Racing Engine, FP Red turbo on
93 tuned by Scott at TTP!

Jose is yet another one of our Armed Forces customer base which we have had the pleasure of working with over the past few years. Currently deployed in Iraq, Jose tries to keep his head down and his spirits up. One of the things that keep him motivated is the fact that his rally red Evo VIII is in our care with big plans ahead of his impending return from deployment. For many overseas, keeping their eye on something that makes them happy helps them pass the
time until the next stateside.

Before the latest deployment, Jose gave us a cut sheet of what he wanted to accomplish with his car. Some of those details included a TTP M.S. Racing engine of the 2.0L displacement variety using only the finest in high quality and strength components. With the new racing engine from us, he wanted a turbo that would keep up with the performance of the engine. He selected a Forced Performance Red Turbo for these duties. With more air, requires more fuel, so we opted for TTP Ethamax 1250cc fuel injectors and single walbro in tank fuel pump. While we had it all apart, the clutch was in need of some attention so we selected a unit with performance in mind that was still able to be driven nicely on the street and without breaking the bank. The ACT HD-TTP single disc clutch unit served as a great choice for this application and its 550tq holding capacity would be put to good use so it was added to the build. Some of the other mods Jose had us complete was a set of custom TTP Spec D2 coilovers,
Kelford 8-TX272 camshafts
and an ETS 4" FMIC.

Jose also complained that his 2003 transmission would grind gears in 3rd and 5th gear so he asked us to perform our TTP Transmission Rebuild service. More information about this service can be found here: TTP Transmission Rebuild Service .

With the turbo and engine able to flow much more efficiently at high CFMs, Jose requested the porting of his exhaust manifold. Out came the carbide porting bits and high speed pneumatics to do work, improving the gas flow and volume of his exhaust manifold before reaching the twin scroll turbo inlets.

Once the porting was complete, we put a few coats of extreme high temp coating on the manifold to prohibit rust and installed the turbo, tubular o2 housing and wastegate all as one complete unit.

The FP Red turbo was primed before installation and wastegate pre-load set by the TTP technicians so that when it came time to begin tuning the Evo, there would be no need to fiddle around trying to adjust a 500*F wastegate. Do it right, do it once are words we work according to.

With the 700-1000 break in miles completed on conventional oil, it was time to step up to the FP Approved line of oils containing synthetic formulas with high phosphorous and zinc to protect the turbo and engine from wear. FP now requires special oil be used in order for them to honor any warranty on their journal bearing turbos.
Once the good stuff was swapped out for the dino-oil, master tuner Scott Davis got to work on the TephraMods V7 mapping complete with 3port ECU controlled boost for precise control over spoolup, deterring boost taper at upper rpms as well as add additional safeguards to drop boost to wastegate pressure in case of a problem. With the new race engine dialed in with the turbo, injectors, FMIC and Kelford cams, the 93 octane tune reached a respectable 423whp with 375tq.
When Jose gets a few miles under his belt, his next steps are to max out the FP Red on E85 ethanol fuel to 500whp+ and then explore larger turbo options. Stay Tuned for the latest details on this sick ride!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marshon's 500whp+, stock 4g63 HKS 7460R ball bearing E85 beast tuned by Scott at TTP!

Marshon's 500whp+, stock 4g63 HKS 7460R ball
bearing E85 beast tuned by Scott at TTP!

Marshon a.k.a. "Robocop" is one of our growing list of Hoo-Rah armed
forced clientele. After taking tour after tour in the sandboxes of
the world, every soldier deserves to have something to look forward
to back here in the states. For Shon, its his 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer
Evolution GSR 5sp. AKA "Ladyblue" came to TTP Engineering in Orlando
Florida all the way from Maryland looking for a competent shop to
take care of her. She found here place here under our care and we
appreciate working with her as she appreciates being taken care of.

Shon's been an enthusiast for some time now and it shows in the way
he has taken care of the car. I don't remember ever seeing such a
shiny bluebyyou color since they were showroom new in 2003. His
attention to detail shows in the way he has outfitted and cared for
LadyBlue. Each time he visits us for upgrades and/or tuning services
I swear its rolling on a new set of wheels and tires. Haha.

Shon's list of modifications consist of a Double Pumper fuel supply,
Precision 1000cc fuel injectors, INJEN Intake kit with upper pipes
kit, 4" Inch Garrett Race Core FMIC, Ported 65mm throttle body,
Ported & Polished intake manifold, AFI Tubular Header, (HKS GTII
7460R), tubular O2 housing, Megan Racing Downpipe, Megan Racing Cat
Delete Pipe, HKS Carbon TI catbackm exhaust system. Shon also opted
for a CNC Ported Head w/ 1mm oversized valves, Kelford 272 w/
Fidanza Cam Gears, Supertech Dual Springs & TI Retainers Kit and NGK
BPR8ES spark plugs. Before coming to us, he had installed Eagle

H-Beam connecting rods with AMS Ross 9.0:1 pistons w/ ACL Racing
Bearings of the 85mm variety. Rounding out the mods were Ralliart
Spark Plug Cables, CBRD Aluminum Race Radiator, HKS SSQV BOV, BR
catch can system.

While tuning his original FP Red turbo, we noticed that spoolup was
much slower than normal which prompted us to further test the car to
determine the problem. Upon investigating a few areas of the car we
made the determination that the FPRed developed axial play (journal
bearing wear) and had it mailed into Forced Performance for repair.
The HKS 7460R was the hot topic at the time and through research
Shon decided on this new ball bearing offering from HKS. Ball
bearing offers better reliability and faster spoolup than the FP
line of stock frame turbos which utilize journal bearings which wear
out and fail often as did in his own case.

With the HKS 7460R bolted in and TephraMods V7 with map switching,
high resolution mapping and many other features loaded up by master
tuner Scott Davis, we offered up the 3 port boost solenoid option to
Shon as a recommendation to improve both boost response as well as
deter boost dropoff at upper RPMs. He agreed and off we went tuning
on the Dynojet 424x chassis dyno. Before long we had the twin
walbros and PTE 1000cc injectors maxed out at 101% injector duty
cycle as pictured above but not a moment before eclipsing the 500whp
mark on VDR. The DJ424x reading was jumbled so we opted to use the
VDR numbers which mathematically support the figures based on E85
and 1000cc injectors on twin walbros at 101% IDC.

Shon is currently enjoying the power levels as he is getting the
cosmetics of his Evo upgraded with powdercoated bits. Our next stage
of upgrades will employ speed density tuning by Scott Davis on E85
with new 44psi map sensor as well as a possible upgrade to EF4 or
ATP's new GTX series twinscroll, stock exhaust manifold mating turbo
lineup. Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Andy's 500+whp 2006 Evo IX GSR tuned by Scott@TTP on Alternative Fuel!

Andy's 500+whp 2006 Evo IX GSR tuned by Scott@TTP
on Alternative Fuel!

Andy's 2006 Evo IX GSR 5sp has been a customer of TTP Engineering
for a while now. After being unhappy with tuning results from a
local Supra shop he came to find the experts in the Lancer Evolution
at TTP Engineering.

Last time Andy was in the shop, he was sporting a FP Red
turbocharger, turbo back exhaust, walbro fuel pump on 1250cc
injectors with a TTP inline secondary fuel pump system. He had
previously had installed BC 280 cams and springs/retainers on a
Cometic headgasket before he found us. Had he done so prior to
spending money on the BC cams and cometic headgasket, we would
surely have warned him of poor results from using these products.

We made the most of his part selection and setup after catching him
mid-way into heading down the wrong modification road and was able
to upgrade the Evo with larger injectors, a supplemental fuel
supply, and trick dual mapping where the latest in ECU technology
could be utilized by master tuner Scott Davis. Along with the last
stage of upgrades by TTP Engineering we also employed a 3 port
electronic boost solenoid capable of handling PRECISE boost control,
no matter what boost level or turbo was chosen.

In this case, like many others Andy has his FPRed fail on him within
12-18months of high boost E85 use and decided to upgrade to the FP
Black turbo. A turbo similar to the Red with a larger turbine wheel.
Still on E85 Eithanol and with Scott Davis at the controls, he was
able to pilot the new FPBlack to the tune of 501whp/ and 380tq with
the stock MAF sensor and inferior BC280 cams.

With the new found power, Andy now joins the ever growing list of
500whp+ stock block TTP Engineering tuned Lancer Evolutions around
the country. Once he gets used to the power, our recommendations are
an upgrade to a custom grind of TTP Spec Kelford Camshafts,
replacing the inferior cometic head gasket with a Cosworth unit and
moving to speed density on a 44psi map sensor so we can remove the
MAF sensor and free up any potential restriction in the intake.

Kyle's 2006 Evo IX tuned by Scott@TTP using ETS Performance Products!

Kyle's 2006 Evo IX tuned by Scott at TTP using ETS
Performance Products!

Kyle came to find TTP Engineering through word of mouth and
experiencing his own first hand experiences with some of our many
raving fans in his hometown of Pensacola, FL. Like many other
customers of ours, Kyle wanted only the best to custom program his
ECU so the 6-8 hour drive was well worth his time investment. With
TTP Engineering's new business model structure we are now able to
facilitate tuning and consulting in other cities as we used to back
in 2005 when we started. Kyle took advantage of our new model and we
were able to catch him at one of our Georgia tuning facilities,
saving him some driving time over our Orlando, FL location.

Kyle's Evo IX was outfitted with a turbo-back exhaust system, walbro
in tank fuel pump upgrade, ETS FMIC and ETS intercooler pipes set in
brushed steel finish. Utilizing the stock Evo IX Td05h-16g turbo, he
chose an ETS intake to insure a free flowing system offering
excellent air filtration to keep foreign debris from entering the
engine. To preserve driveability at his performance levels, Kyle
opted to retain his stock IX metal blow off valve that in our
opinion works perfectly fine for his application. Controlling boost
was the responsibility of a Hallman Pro under hood manual boost

With the Evo IX strapped to the rollers, Scott Davis was able to
carefully extract optimum power and torque levels while improving
driveability and efficiency. Using Tephramods V7 bigmaps to improve
ECU resolution, helped insure that Kyle receive the most advanced
intellectual ECU programming available with the most up to date
features available. Using V7 style mapping on the ECU, maximum power
and torque while offering the utmost in safety could be accomplished
at the controls of Scott at TTP.

Starting the pulls in the 300whp range on the Dynojet 424x, it was
not long before the custom tuning session was complete and Kyle had
a whole new vehicle again to enjoy on his long trip home. By the end
of the tuning session, the '06 Evo IX laid down a respectable 357whp
and 347tq on mere pumpgas 93 octane. Needless to say, another raving
fan was created by the end of the day and Kyle is considering either
a turbo upgrade or move to ethanol alternative fuel as his next
step. Stay Tuned!